Saturday, September 20, 2014

Making Arrangements

Oil on canvas board
12 x 16

Ugh! Couldn't get a photo without a bunch of glare.

After posting yesterday's picture, I decided the background was too light.  I had originally intended for a really dark background that everything would disappear into.  Even though I really loved the painting, after waking up at 3:00 AM and stewing about it for 1/2 an hour I decided to get up and repaint the background.

I am not sure if I made a mistake or not.  I think this is a better picture. But it lost the vitality of the first version.   I think I like this one better but I am mourning the loss of the original. What do you think? Mistake or not?  At least I have the photograph!


  1. Love the painting with the dark background. I pulled them up together on my computer. So dramatic..almost as if I was watching from outside into your window at 3:00am. I perceive a sense of waiting.

  2. I like this one better. The flowers are more vibrant in this one.